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We focus exclusively on government and the public sector. Our consultants and subject matter experts come from a range of backgrounds, including high-ranking positions within government, professional services firms, not-for-profit organizations and private industry.

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Founded in 2010 the Vallas Group is a professional services firm that focuses exclusively on government and the public sector.

Our global network of consultants and subject matter experts selected to join come from a range of backgrounds, including high-ranking positions within government, professional services firms, not-for-profit organizations and private industry.

We delve deep into the financial, operational and programmatic challenges facing government agencies of all types.


The Vallas Group focuses exclusively of government services. The services are not limited by government type, size or geography. Vallas Group clients include the following.

Foreign Countries

Federal Government

State Government

Local Government

Public and Private Schools

Colleges and Universities

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The Vallas Group firm is an “association of professionals” who comprise a pool of “subject area experts”, with extensive experience and records of accomplishments. Our pool of experts would include the following.

Budget Directors and CEOs

Mental Health and Wellness Professionals

Human Resource Managers

School Superintendents and Principals

Safety and Security Personnel

Education Specialists (SPED, ESL)

Operations Officers

Technology Experts and IT Managers

Rebuilding a
School System

Supporting Haiti’s
Educational Development

For the Haiti project we have assembled a team of experts under the direction of Paul Vallas. The team has extensive experience and a record of success in major school system rebuilding and transformation projects. Their work has been at both the national and international. Specific areas of expertise include school improvement, budget and long term financial planning, construction finance and management, FEMA and disaster relief.

Members of this group have played leadership and management roles in the turnaround of major school districts like Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Bridgeport Connecticut and a host of smaller districts. This includes critical leadership and management roles in the Louisiana Recovery School District which was responsible for reopening and rebuilding schools in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Members have also performed international work in rebuilding and improving schools after the devastating earthquake in Haiti (2010) and the Chilean earthquake (2011).

Team members led by Paul Vallas, have been “directly” involved in securing the “Federal Restart” money to open schools in New Orleans after Katrina and negotiating the historic $1.9 billion FEMA settlement that rebuilt or replaced school buildings severely damaged or destroyed by the hurricane. Over the years Vallas led management teams have secured the financing and managed school construction projects exceeding $7 billion in the largest school districts in four states.

Team members also have extensive experience in charter schools creation and accountability, having served in districts with large numbers of charter schools.

A Collective

Education Turnaround for New Orleans

It took almost two years for New Orleans to get seriously organized to effectively deal with the devastation caused by Katrina. Initial problems were rooted in the well-documented, slow initial early response of both federal and state agencies. Problems included: (1) the lack of effective coordination of initial relief and later rebuilding efforts; and (2) an invasion of consultant “profiteers,” who played far too large a role in the slow initial recovery and rebuilding efforts.

These initial failings eventually brought about a changes in leadership, a surge of public support and a bi-partisan commitment to build a better New Orleans. Today New Orleans is a city that has been transformed in many ways. As far as the schools are concerned every child is in either a new or renovated school, and whereas as more than two-thirds of the city schools were failing pre-Katrina, few if any are failing today. That would not have been possible without the full support of the Federal government and the endless good will of fellow Americans.

While the devastation of Haiti likely matches that of New Orleans in terms of concentrated destruction while exceeding it in geographic area impacted, New Orleans had several advantages, including being on the US mainland. Yes, geography can be an impediment to relief. In New Orleans the vast majority of residents simply left the city to take temporary refuge in nearby areas not impacted by Katrina. Large numbers of residents left the Louisiana altogether, in most cases migrating to cities in Texas such as Houston. This reduced the severity of the storm’s impact and the initial slowness of relief because many people who had mobility were able to secure relief with their feet. Being an island, Haiti does not have that luxury. However, Haiti has one advantage in that it can use the lessons of New Orleans’ Katrina experience to model a better road to recovery and avoid the errors and pitfalls that cost New Orleans time, money and extended suffering.

The WYNNDALCO team of experts led by Mr. Vallas can draw on New Orleans and other turnaround experiences to provide the support needed to meet Haiti’s needs. It’s important to note that four number of the team members have been involved in rebuilding efforts on the island and two team members were born in Haiti and have island residences.

The team brings considerable expertise and value to a number of areas.

  • Budgeting and long term financial planning.
  • Resource acquisition including FEMA and effective grants management especially Federal Restart and Title 1 Funding.
  • School assessment and school improvement planning.
  • School construction and modernization.
  • Teacher recruitment and training.
  • New schools and school leadership development
  • Special Education & Federal mandates compliance assessment.
  • School climate and safety.
  • College, university and business strategic partnerships.
  • Charter school authorization and oversight.

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